Streamline Operations with Ready-to-Ship Pieces

A multitude of items can be displayed in your store with showcases, and at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a selection to meet your every need.

Our Streamline Series is our most popular line because of its versatility and its ability to work well with any display theme. And, right now, as many storeowners are going through inventory and spring cleaning in advance of the next shopping season, why not take a look at our Ready-to-Ship line of Streamline Series products.

All Ready-to-Ship Streamline Series showcase products are fully loaded and ready to make their way to your store. These items are fully compatible with all of the Streamline Series Full Vision showcases and are constructed with shelving that matches adjacent cases.

Take a look at our Ready-to-Ship Half Vision Corner Showcase, which features mirrored doors, fluorescent lighting, an electrical plug, and a lock. It is 38-inches in height and its glass display area is a comfortable and effective 18-inches tall and 20-inches deep. This showcase comes with a 16-inch-tall wood base and a black kick base that is four-inches in height. A row of 10-inch-deep glass shelving is also included.

This showcase piece is perfectly suited for corner nooks where you want to include a display, but need security. And, the effect of lighting and glass serves to enhance whatever you choose to display, especially in darker corner areas. Why not enhance that effect with some of our mirrored displays and racks. All of these pieces work nicely together and will help to drive interest and consumer traffic to your store.

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