The Candy Man Can with Gondola Shelving

I remember a time when the mention of gondola shelving sent specialty retailers running to find another store planner. Back in the 80’s gondola shelving meant drugstore or Kmart and were never used by more upscale retailers. Things have certainly changed.

We recently out-fitted this candy store with a gondola shelving.  Gone are the days of dreary pegboard and beige metal shevling. This system provides every imaginable display method.

Planning provided, glass shelving for perimeter gift display, slat panels for peg goods,  dynamic curved shelving for bulk display, meeting all the requirements of the products displayed.

Glass shelving for Gift display

Glass shelving for Gift display

Slat-wall panels for Peg display

Curved shelving

This is one beautiful fixture install in every detail.  No pegboard here, equipped with base unit storage, the black hardware set against the maple laminate is modern and warm and inviting at the same time.

This attractive and practical counter makes for easy point of purchase (P.O.P.)  with an abundance of display space, which prevents counter top confusion. The possibilities are endless and the merchandising is easy, freestanding perimeter system makes for simple install. This is not your fathers store fixture.


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