The Slotted Standard

Widely used because of its low cost and flexibility.

The Standard, mounted on a wall in many retail stores, is a long strip of U-Shaped steel with vertical slots running its entire length. The slots allow many accessories such as, Hangrail Brackets, Shelf Brackets, and Faceouts, to be attached anywhere on the strip.

Two styles are available:

Extra Heavyweight, also called a 1/2″Slotted Standard, has 1/2″ long slots spaced 1″ from center to center. Accessories can be adjusted every 1″. The steel is 3/32″ thick and
is at least 1/3 thicker than those found at home hardware stores. This is strong enough for items like jeans, leathers, stationary, etc.

The Super Heavyweight, also called a 1″ Slotted Standard, has 1″ long slots spaced 2″ from center to center. Accessories can be adjusted every 2″. The steel at 1/8″ thick, is the strongest non-industrial standard available. Use for dishes, paints. leather coats, books, and shelves that are 16″ or deeper.

Length and Installation:

Available in 3,4,5,6,7,and 8 foot lengths. Consider the lowest point you will mount your accessories-usually 12″ to 15″ above the floor. If you want two levels of hangrails, a
6 footer 12″ off the floor will give you an ideal 7 feet of height. Going all the way down to the floor will not give you extra strength. Space the standards every two or four feet apart.

The fasteners used to anchor the standard to the wall are the key to its strength. If not fastened to a stud, use toggle bolts or Togglers. Don’t use conical plastic anchors.

Need accessories and not sure which standard is on the wall, a 25¢ coin will tell you.
If a quarter easily fits into the slot, it’s a 1″ Slotted Standard. If it doesn’t fit, it’s a
1/2″ Standard.

Bernie Flicker

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