Tiered Tables Hold Almost Anything and Work Anywhere

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer a broad selection of display options for your new or existing store. We also offer unsurpassed customer service and a team happy to help you choose from our vast selection so that you have the best store possible.

Consider our Display Tables. We offer both Square and Rectangular Multi-Level Tables that are described as a great way to showcase folded clothes in your retail store, providing three levels of display surfaces to enable ample merchandise display space.

Think about using these tables for other products, as well. Both the Rectangular 3-Tier Display Tables (Item P175) and the Square 3-Tier Display Tables (Item P176) offer an elegant way in which to display many different products. Because of their dark wood construction and large display space, these pieces work well with a lot of home product displays.

You can also display china, linens, books, small appliances and electronics, to name just some. Use these tiered tables for seasonal displays. Array Christmas stockings during the winter holidays or Seder trays during Passover. Place a table near a wall display of athletic hats and fill the table with tee shirts and sports apparel. If gardening is your specialty, create a quaint space, incorporating tables and filling them with seed packets, gardening gloves, and gardening aprons.

Gift shops can use these tables for virtually any product. Display candles, incense, bookmarks, pet bowls, any small-to-medium accessory. Look around your shop, think about your inventory. Is there something that might not be selling because it is in the back of a display? Give your products a facelift and display them on these coordinating tables and watch sales grow!

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