Tiered Tables Make Great Displayers

Display Tables are a wonderful way in which to set a display apart from other items on your display floor or window. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer several options from which to choose.

Our Rectangular 3-Tier Display Tables come in both cherry (SKU PW3TRTPC) and maple (SKU PW3TRTRM) and provide three levels to display your products. Intended for folded clothing, you can easily use these tables to display a variety of products. And, for added interest and increased compatibility, pair this table with our Square 3-Tier Display Tables, also in cherry (SKU PW3TSQPC) and maple (SKU PW3TSQRM).

Use these tables to display special items or to segregate sale or limited quantity items. You can even showcase new items on these sturdy and attractive tables. Folded clothes display very well, but you can also use them for china, glassware, books, picture frames, candles and other small gift items—virtually anything!

Display these tables near our Racks & Systems and use them as a coordinated displayer for shirts, socks, gloves, or any other type of clothing accessory. For example, hang coats on display racks and arrange scarves, hats, and gloves on these tables. Display bathing suits on one table and arrange towels on another. Place button down shirts on one table and ties on an adjacent table.

If you are looking for a more casual table, consider our E-Z Folding Promotional Tables in black (SKU DT48B), chrome (SKU DT48C), or white (SKU DT48W) to display sale, overstock, or promotional items. Casters make this table easy to move and its folding construction makes it perfect for trade shows and travel.

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