Use Acrylic Slat Shelving to Create Interesting Displays

Yesterday, we discussed the benefits of M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Slat Acrylic and Plexi Shelves. Today, we will be talking about the various types of acrylic and plexi products you can use with your slatwall paneling and merchandiser displayers.

Our Acrylic Greeting Card J-Racks (Item P539) are constructed of a sturdy 3/16″ thick acrylic with flamed edges and sits three inches deep with a one-inch high front. Although these racks are meant for greeting cards, they can hold light merchandise such as brochures, patterns, even smaller, framed items.

The Slat Display Shelf (Item D2025E) is made of molded styrene and is a generous 10 inches deep by 16 inches wide and allows you display a wide range of products. Scatter these around on your shop’s slatwall with any of the other products in this line to create interest and ensure eye-catching displays.

For instance, you can intersperse the Slat Display Tray with Lip (Item ID815), also made out of molded styrene, to ensure items do not slide off the shelf. Position these near the Slat Downslant Shelf (Item ID821), which is created with a downslant to provide an attractive viewing angle for smaller items. This shelf is 3/32″ thick.

We have a number of other Slat Acrylic and Plexi Shelves, but before we cover those, we do have three shelves in this product line that are specifically geared to footwear. The Slat Kids’ Shoe Shelf (Item ID823) is constructed for smaller shoes and sneakers. The Slat Shoe Shelf with Sign Holder (Item ID850) enables you to display a shoe with a sign—especially useful for special or sale items—and is four inches deep by 10 inches wide and holds a one-inch high by 10-inch wide sign. Intersperse these with our basic Slat Shoe Shelves (Item SW410S) to maintain customer interest throughout your displays.

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