Use Acrylic Slatwall Shelving to Show Your Customers Your Stuff

M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Slatwall Shelves and Brackets work great when creating displays on both panels and merchandisers and enable you to display a range of products no mater what your design aesthetic. For instance, our Slat Acrylic and Plexi Shelves offer design and display options that enable you to create mini displays on your slatwall because of their modern look and because they resemble home décor shelving.

If you sell more than one item, the Slat Acrylic and Plexi Shelves can highlight items in attractive ways, drawing increased attention to your products, which always helps to drive sales. Use these to display china, books, picture frames, and any array of smaller items. If you sell office supplies, you can create small desk scenes to show customers how multiple items work together. If you sell china, set up a small place setting or spread a table setting among your shelves so that customers can see all of the items in one line or how different items work together.

If electronics are your forte, consider—for instance—displaying a phone with accessories, such as a case, ear bud, and a spare battery to better enable your customers see the various items they might need to complete a purchase. If sheets and towels are being displayed, set out small, coordinating tea or hand towels near a display of larger towels to help your customers see how different items work well together.

Do you sell shoes? Use these shelves to highlight specials and sales, array shoelaces, foot inserts, and other accessories. Consumers will never know everything you sell if your products are not provided and, often, customers are unaware of the accessories needed for some products. You can help them by displaying these items near your product displays.

Use signs to draw attention to the items on your acrylic shelves. And, remember, these shelves work beautifully with our larger Acrylic Display line and are easy to install, move, and remove and are meant to help you continually draw interest with changing displays.

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