Use Baskets for Smaller Items

Yesterday we discussed the benefit of adding acrylic to your M. Fried Store Fixtures’ slatwall displays and showed you part of our line of Slat Baskets and Bins, focusing on acrylic bins created to display in our slatwall panels and merchandisers.

Mix and match different size baskets and incorporate acrylic bins. All of the baskets and bins in this line are meant to work with our slatwall line and each other and all are meant to create interest when used together.

As we mentioned yesterday, these display tools work very well closer to your check-out line while customers are waiting to pay, yet are still browsing, and with smaller products positioned close to your stationary staff. And, bear in mind, we offer traditional and sloping baskets, which provide different views on items and look nice when matched together.

Our Wide Shallow Baskets (Item P425) are just that at 24 inches in width, 12 inches in depth, and four inches in height.

We also over two smaller baskets, our Small Sloping Baskets (Item P426) provide an attractive slope and are 12 inches in width and depth and offer a comfortable slope with its eight-inch back and four-inch front. The Small Baskets (Item P427) measure 12 inches in width and depth and are four inches in height.

If you like a basket that slopes, we also offer a more shallow option with our Shallow Sloping Baskets (Item P428), which are 15 inches in width by 12 inches in depth with a five-inch back and three-inch front.

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