Use Cubes for High Impact Displays

Cubes are a wonderful option in which to display items in ways that match virtually any setup in your store. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer glass cube units, mini grid cube units, and all the components you need to make unique and effective mini and glass cube displays.

With our Single Sided Open Glass Cubes with Metal Connectors you will receive safety glass panels and chrome metal connectors that make it easy for you to create a single sided glass cube display that is constructed with an open back on every cube. A cost-effective option, this display can be accessed in any area of your store from both sides or can be displayed against a wall for one-side access. You choose. And, you can easily change your mind and move these displayers around to suit your shop’s needs. An optional base is also available.

Purchase a few sets in varying sizes and place these unique displayers throughout your store for an interesting look that can be as obvious or as unobtrusive as you’d like for edgy looks or contemporary accents. Whatever you decide—one cube or several displays scattered throughout—these displays are certain to highlight your products.

Consider mixing the open cubes with our Single Sided Glass Cubes with Closed Backs and Metal Connectors. With this kit you receive safety glass panels and chrome metal connectors that enable you to create single sided cube displays with a glass panel that covers the back of every cube. Also easy to assemble and reconfigure, these kits are available in an array of sizes for many configuration options.

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