Use Lights to Increase Your Bottom Line

Task lighting is lighting that is particularly tuned in on a specific location so that tasks can be completed with ease and to highlight areas. Different from mood and area lighting, which illuminates larger areas, task lighting is focused on one particular spot. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have the perfect task lights to help you shine.

Our Clamp-On Light Fixture (Item P470) is a flexible gooseneck light that can be adjusted to spotlight a specific line of products. With a durable and easy plastic switch and a clip that opens wide to clip on almost anywhere, you can light up many areas and change where you light easily and quickly.

Studies suggest that task lighting helps to increase productivity, with poor lighting, and its resulting eyestrain among the more common of employee complaints, no shop owner should be without several task lights to help ease employees’ workdays. Trying to conduct business in today’s already challenging economic environment is difficult enough; employees should not be further hampered with an uncomfortable, distracting environment.

The gooseneck feature on these lamps increases user control of the light to better help you and your staff light up their work areas and to better enable you to light up products and sales areas.

Remember, if your employees are uncomfortable and suffering from eyestrain, their productivity will drop, which will be reflected in your bottom line. Be sure your employees can see clearly in their work environment by ensuring you have sufficient lights. And, with our Clamp-On Light Fixtures, you can scatter lights throughout your store to not only light work areas, but to also highlight specific product lines and shopping areas for your customers.

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