Use Mirrors to Make A Great Presentation

We all know mirrors offer wonderful display opportunities for jewelry, but don’t forget the benefit of mirrors for other products and the outcomes of many services. M. Fried Store Fixtures has a variety of countertop mirrors to suit an array of needs, whether you sell jewelry, hats, or cosmetics, mirrors are a must-have item for your countertops and around your shop. And, remember, any of M. Fried Store Fixtures mirrors are appropriate in physician and dental offices as well as in offices where cosmetic procedures have become very popular.

If you sell cosmetics or offer make-up consultations and makeovers, our mirrors allow consumers to test items or follow your progress. If you sell wigs or are a hair salon, our mirrors are a wonderful alternative to much less expensive hand-held mirrors that offer limited display surfaces.

Our Single-Sided Acrylic Mirror is 15 inches in height and fitted with an attractive and stabilizing five-inch square base with an adjustable mirror for a number of viewing options when standing or sitting at a countertop.

The Double-Sided Oval Mirror offers all of the same conveniences at the Single-Sided Acrylic Mirror, and is fitted with a felt bottom to protect your countertop surfaces and also offers an adjustable angle. The mirror face is oval and the mirror is fitted with a six-inch square display base that enables three additional inches toward height.

Our Slant Countertop Mirror is stable and all acrylic, while the Black Countertop Mirror is constructed with an attractive black frame. Both mirrors are slanted for enhanced viewing and are good options to display around the display floor.

The Rotating Mirror is also constructed with an attractive black frame and offers the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees and tilting to any angle. Constructed with a rectangular mirror, the rounded top offers a traditional and attractive viewing surface.

Purchase several of each mirror style and display them throughout your establishment for optimum customer convenience.

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