Use Slatwall to Create A Custom Look

We’ve been showing you M. Fried Store Fixtures’ expansive line of slatwall and slatwall accessories and have also been able to provide you with visuals from our growing photographic gallery.

Up until now, you’ve seen displays that are, for the most part, created mostly with slatwall. Today, we’d like to show you some customized options that incorporate slatwall as part of a larger display look that can work in many configurations in a wide variety of stores and displaying an infinite array of products.

For instance, this shop has successfully incorporated showcase displayers in collaboration with slatwall paneling that is accessorized with various types of options including shelving, brackets, and hooks.

Looking at this shop, you can really understand how slatwall helps to create an open, expansive look—which customers love—while displaying many, many products. And, displaying them in such a way that would be impossible if not for the slatwall. This view really explains how much more can be displayed using slatwall versus other display options. Consider how cluttered this shop would appear if slatwall had not been used.

And, bear in mind, these stores have used other displayers in conjunction with slatwall to make the most of their space and ensure a comfortable shopping experience for their clientele. Here is one example and another example of how slatwall cooperates with other display choices to make the most of the space available.

Be sure to browse our gallery—and come back often—for ideas on how to create the best store you can. And, remember, we are always only a phone call away and on hand to help you design the store of your dreams. We can be reached, toll-free, at 877-544-2999.

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