Utilize Space Effectively. Think: Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is everywhere, from the smallest  shops to the largest chain stores and, there’s a reason why. It works. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have one of the largest collections of gondola shelving on the east coast, which means, no matter what your particular needs, we will have something to suit you.

Gondola shelving is one of the best ways in which you can utilize just about every bit of available space in your store, a big boon right now given our challenging economic times. After all, rent is high and space is at a premium. With gondola shelving you can certainly get the biggest bang for your buck.

And, if you don’t already know, our free quote page allows you to look into an array of gondola shelving choices based on your specific needs and from the comfort of your computer. You can make your shelving work in the best way possible for your business by asking for cost information for all of your gondola shelving needs before you ever make a purchase.

With a touch of a button and at no cost to you, request quotes for gondola shelving, even on multiple runs. We have provided plenty of options to allow you to give us detailed specifics. You can even ask questions and leave comments; simply type in your contact information, where asked, and one of our gondola shelving experts will contact you with your quote.

As always, if you prefer, you can always call us to discuss any of your store fixture needs. With the new “Click to Call” feature on our website, it couldn’t be easier.

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