Versa Racks Work in Any Display

Versa racks are a great way in which to display and store a multitude of products. Whether you sell CDs, DVDs, caps, books, boxed supplies, frames, or creative supplies, M. Fried Store Fixtures versa racks will help you show off your product in light, airy displays that can be set up anywhere on the retail floor.

The white 8-Shelf CD Versa Rack is a great, larger option that holds a massive 256 CDs and is 65 inches tall and 24 inches wide. The rack is outfitted with eight tiers and four pockets on each tier for a total of 32 pockets. The 7-Shelf DVD Versa Rack, also constructed in white, is slightly smaller than the 8-shelf version, but still offers enough room for a large collection.

The Cap Display Versa Rack is as large as the eight-tier rack, but is constructed to hold about 18 sections of caps and can be used for other items, as well. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. The 6-Shelf Versa Rack is great for an array of products, including china, mugs and cups, vases, apparel, statuettes, toys, to name just some.

The 30-Hook Versa and 24-Hook Versa racks come with locking canisters. Maximum package size differs and each easily hold a variety of hanging packages. These racks work wonderfully by the sales counter and are great for those last-minute purchases.

The 5-Basket Versa Rack is great for those odd-sized and smaller items that need a place, but need to be placed separately from other stock. Buy a few and place them throughout the store. For instance, place one of these racks next to a shoe display and load the rack with socks. If you sell plants, display tools here; if you sell china, consider displaying table linens in this rack.

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