What are Gondola Shelving Units? – Gondola Shelving For Your Business

gondola1What are Gondola Shelving Units?

You’ve probably seen Gondola Shelving Units many times without even realizing that’s what they are.  They are the most popular shelving units in grocery stores that display most of your groceries because they are so versatile. Gondola shelving units aren’t just limited to grocery stores though. You’ve probably also seen them in gift shops, clothing stores, pharmacies, etc.

Gondola shelving units are sturdy, strong and can hold many items at a time. They come in sections that can fit even the smallest store. For larger display areas they can be placed end to end and run the whole length of the store if needed. They’re made of heavy duty ¼” pegboard panel backs that you can adjust for height and number of shelves.

Mfried.com there are a few different options for Gondola Shelving:

1st Option: The Gondola 2 Sided Units allow products to be displayed on both sides of the shelving unit. These are often used in cases when you have isles, like in grocery stores.

2nd Option: Gondola Wall Units run flat up against your walls, allowing you to get the most out of that wall space.

3rd Option: The Gondola End Caps allow you to display even more items at the end of the other Gondola Shelving Units.

Take a closer look at the Gondola Shelving Units and their dimensions to see if this is the right fit for your business.

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