Which Video Surveillance Kit Should You Get?

Video surveillance kits are great for both home and business. At home you can use them to protect your family or even keep an eye on the kids. At your business you can monitor doors, cash registers, stockrooms and other desired rooms.

There are many options for Video Surveillance, so which one do you get? It all depends on your goal. Do you want to simply deter people from illegal activities? Do you want to see what’s going on at that moment but not record it? Or do you want to see what’s going on and record (which is useful for evidence)?

At Mfried.com we have many options to choose from.

The Standard Surveillance Kits come with 4 cameras and allow you to view up to 4 scenes simultaneously. These are great if you have someone that will be watching the monitor all the time, but if you’re not able to have someone constantly scanning the monitor you may want to consider the Deluxe Video Surveillance Kits with a DVR drive.

The Deluxe Video Surveillance Kits with a DVR drive has all the features of the Standard Kits but also allows you to record.

In addition to real surveillance cameras, some businesses will also have simulated security cameras (fake ones that look real). Why have both? Simulated cameras look realistic and are proven to deter shoplifters. By placing some extra cameras around your business, the chances of theft and other illegal activities go down.  They are easy to mount and don’t require special wiring as they simply run on batteries.

See all the Video Surveillance options we offer at Mfried.com.

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