Wood Flower Cart Display

wheel-barrel-18-1276-product_primary_image-thumbThis Wood Flower Cart is a great example of a memorable and unique way to display your products. It catches the attention of customers and can show off your products in an organized fashion.

Have you ever walked into a store or marketplace that had such a cozy, fun, comfortable or unique feeling to it, that it drew you back numerous times. Perhaps it became a traditional “pit stop” for you and your family on your outings.  What was it about that place that felt so good? Was it the products they offered?  Were the products really any different than anywhere else? Or was it simply how they set the store up and displayed everything?

Perhaps that’s the aim of your store. You want people feel welcomed and remember your store for not just the great products, but the atmosphere as well. A big part of that will be how you display your products.

Ideas On How To Use The Wood Flower Cart:

  • Use it for function or decoration.
  • Use it outside your store for decoration (displaying flowers or products to catch peoples attention)
  • Display toys, candy, produce, flowers and other products in their separate sections.
  • You can keep it the natural wood or you can stain and/or paint it to match the surrounding décor.
  • Use it for stores, farmers markets, and even trade shows.

The Wood Flower Cart is “40L x 29”W x 24”H, Natural Wood, with removable dividers so that you can adjust the space needed for a particular product. Be as creative as you want.

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