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Chain stores "Localize"

Walgreens’ new flagship store in Chicago includes everything from made-to-order smoothies to sushi and juice bars to a fully stocked humidor.  The health & beauty retailer also makes it clear that it can relate with the local market.  It uses its most visible wall space in the store (below the escalator) to feature a list of the “50 reasons to love the city of Chicago.”

Walgreens has chosen a localization strategy that requires little capital commitment, but it is also one that resonates deeply with Chicagoans.  The wall is a simple reminder of the reasons why local shoppers should: (1) be proud of the city they live in, and (2) realize that they share something in common with the retailer.

Compared to a multi-national, broadline retailer that needs to go through extensive market research to determine what assortment is a best fit for the local culture, Walgreens is able to offer a relatively consistent range of health & beauty items in its stores across the US.  Walgreens has too many stores across the country to localize its assortment to each location.  Instead, it breaks the stores into clusters by demographic to create a more efficient supply chain, and simply tells its shoppers that it is committed to meeting local demand.

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