Wrap it Up

The holidays are coming and, with the holidays, consumers looking to buy presents. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have what you need to help your customers shop this holiday season.

When customers are shopping for gifts, they need gift boxes. We have a three different styles, whichin many sizes from which you can choose. Our White 1-Piece Gift Boxes (item P195) are constructed with tuck tops and semi-automatic bottoms, which makes these boxes easy to set up and pack. These white-varnished boxes come in many different sizes to accommodate a wide array of products. Call us for details, toll-free, at 1.877.544.2999.

We also offer Silver 2-Piece Gift Boxes (Item P196), which coordinate with any gifting theme. Constructed with lock corners, these boxes are also easy to assemble and, as with our White 1-Piece Gift Boxes, come in many, many sizes to suit your store’s and your customers’ needs.

Our White 2-Piece Gift Boxes are perfect for clothing and other apparel and accessories and come with interchangeable tops and bottoms. These boxes have white-varnished exteriors and gray-lined interiors.

Tissue Paper (Item P198) is a great accompaniment to our beautiful gift boxes and, really, no gift is complete without a gift box trimmed with tissue paper. We offer a large range of colors from which to choose and our tissue is of the best quality and is smooth on both sides.

Get a quote online or call us for prices, and be sure to be prepared with enough boxes and tissue to ensure all of your customers’ gifting needs are met in your store this holiday season.

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