You Can Never Have Too Many Display Mirrors

We’ve been talking about utilizing mirrors to display jewelry and for use with other products, even services. In addition to M. Fried Store Fixtures’ many countertop mirror choices, we also offer some stylized, attractively shaped mirrors that can display all sorts of products in your retail location.

Place items on countertops to enhance objects and increase the sense of space. For more expensive items, place the mirrors throughout your display cases.

These mirrors work well with jewelry and ornament groupings, but also show off one specific object beautifully. Consider sculpted crystal and glass, perfume bottles, china, candles; the list is only as long as your imagination.

If you sell purses and shoes, display trendy bag and shoe and boot charms on mirrors. If you are a bookseller, use mirrors to display ornamental bookmarks. Glassware, china, and ceramics make a lovely appearance when placed on a mirror and the mirror enables your customers to receive a more complete view of objects without the risk of breaking delicate pieces. This is especially important for high-end breakables and antiques.

M. Fried Store Fixtures offers beautiful mirrors that look wonderful right out of the packaging and in a number of sizes. Buy several of each type and placed them in your shop. They are sure to enhance your customers shopping experience and drive traffic into your store.

We offer Scalloped Round Display Mirrors, Square Display Mirrors, Octagon Display Mirrors, and Round Display Mirrors each in a number of sizes. And, remember, buy them in even small quantities and receive a discount on our already competitive price points.

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