Your Advantage Against the Retail Giants

Has a customer ever looked at an item in your store and declared that they could find the same product at a larger retailer for far less money? The truth is, smaller shops can not generally compete with the big box stores on price. They buy from the same suppliers in greater bulk quantities so they get greater discounts. But you can compete on something else.

Something a lot of smaller businesses have not taken advantage of yet is an in-store experience. If customers enjoy being in your store and enjoy the services you offer, you can lure in many a reluctant customers who would otherwise choose the retail giant. How can you offer shoppers a unique experience? Creativity is key, as is engagement with your customers, but so is your store design. You need an inviting layout of gondola shelving and other displays that catch the eye and make your patrons smile. If you have any child-targeted merchandise, such as toys, you can build an area for kids to play. If the kids enjoy themselves, they will bring their parents back too. Many larger stores neglect details like these that create an atmosphere of warmth and invitation for potential buyers.

Competing with the retail giants can be tough, but we’re here to help you keep up. For assistance with layout, design, or store fixtures, contact us today at!

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