While brand recognition and pricing play a vital role in a shopper’s decision to purchase a particular article of clothing, how the apparel is displayed can be the difference between a purchase and “just looking.” Properly displayed clothing can instantly change the way a customer explores your retail store. From garment and accessory racks, to mannequins and hangers, we offer everything you need to enhance your apparel presentation.

Garment & Accessory Racks

  • Neat and tidy display
  • Easily movable
  • Reduces store clutter
  • Improved shopping experience
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  • Helps customers visualize clothing, leading to increased sales
  • Enhances retail store window display
  • Mix and match various designs
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Hangers & Hanger Accessories

  • Variety of sizes and colors, including metal, non-slip and bars
  • Maintains delicate items, including babies’ and children’s clothing, lingerie, dresses and coats
  • Flat suit and coat hangers available
  • Many hanger accessories available, including size dividers and stickers, as well as hanger rods and reachers
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