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Gondola Shelving

The #1 Gondola Supplier Nationwide

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As the largest stocking distributor of retail gondola shelves in the United States, we offer Gondola shelving in many sizes, providing you with the flexibility to choose the depth and height that are best suited to display your merchandise. We stock components for Antique White and Black gondola shelving for immediate availability, or we can help you select from a choice of fantastic shelving colors to add appeal to your store, available as a special order. Our experts will assist you in making the right choice for your business, as well as optional installation for your project.

We also stock a full line of shelf management options, LED lighting, wall mount uprights, extensions, baskets and signage as well as front fences and shelf dividers. 

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Gondola Shelving – An Introduction

As the ultimate leader in the store fixtures industry, M.Fried prides itself on providing store shelving solutions for brick-and-mortar shops across the entire business spectrum. The idea of gondola shelving was initially debuted in the early 1900’s when retailers recognized a need for consumers to enjoy a large variety of goods within easy reach. Today, gondola shelving is generally used in retail stores since it is easy to move and reconfigure. It is especially useful for supermarkets, groceries, pharmacies, pet shops, convenience stores, dollar stores, and health ‘n’ beauty shops.

What Is Gondola Shelving?

Gondola shelving is a free standing shelving system with a wide sturdy base. It features a double-sided vertical support wall that has shelves extending from either one or both sides. Covering the base wall is either a pegboard, slat-wall, or custom grid backing to where shelves can be affixed to. Precision in design is essential when crafting the gondolas. A slight variation of the vertical back or the peg board, and the cantilevered shelves will not fit properly. Another integral feature of gondola shelving is its stability. Unlike other shelving systems, such as wall shelving, gondola shelving doesn’t pose the risk of loose or tilted shelves. Instead, they safely and efficiently display products on its sturdy shelves. In addition, the quick-adjust feature of gondola shelving allows the shelves to seamlessly transition to suit any merchandising vision as your needs evolve. Furthermore, it has a high weight-bearing threshold. This allows pet shops and hardware stores to display heavy items that would otherwise not have been able to be showcased. Aside for the peg board, the gondola shelving is mainly constructed with metal. This provides the shelves with its trademark durability and endurance.

A gondola section can run from 2 feet long to an unlimited length. Our gondolas are generally sold in 3- or 4-feet sections, and have joined sections to create longer aisles. The height of a gondola unit can range from as low as 36″ to as high as 120″, with units available in every 6″ increment. We offer gondola shelving in a variety of colors such as satin black, snow white, dove gray, and sahara to suit individual designs. Since the base shelf of the gondola shelving system is not usually visible, we only carry them in basic coating colors. For the upper shelves however, we offer a wide variety of vibrant colors to match the décor and style of your shop.

Why You Should Install Gondola Shelving

Customers value a peaceful shopping experience where goods can be conveniently examined and selected. By using gondola shelving, you are providing your customers with sleek and inconspicuous shelves, giving the products an orderly and vibrant appearance. All shelves have a maximum depth of 30 inches, which enables the storage of plenty of items. Additionally, gondola shelves can be easily readjusted, allowing you to reconfigure the shelves so they are reachable for younger children or disabled individuals. This feature is especially useful for pharmacies, since some goods need to be displayed on a higher shelf for safety measures, while other products should be on a lower shelf to be more attainable.

1. Space, Size, and Organization

Whether you are changing the store’s layout or reorganizing your displays, gondola shelving is compatible with any existing store shelving arrangement. You can switch around the heights of the shelves effortlessly by unscrewing them from the pegboards and adjusting them to lower pegs. Gondola displays can be customized to your store requirements and are available in a variety of configurations including single-sided, double-sided and wraparound gondolas that transform standard islands into walk-around display units. This allows shelves to be displayed from both sides of the base wall, increasing the amount of free aisle space considerably. Such a style of shelving is greatly beneficial for supermarkets and pharmacies. It allows customers to view a large variety of products while still enjoying ample walking space. You can also purchase additional shelves to add on to the peg board to be able to feature more products. Hooks that can be screwed onto the peg boards to display bagged goods are also available for sale.

We often get inquiries from retailers who are eager to try our superb gondola shelving but have other shelving systems installed already and are not yet willing to do a total changeover. The beauty of gondola shelving is that it blends in perfectly with other existing systems. You can always purchase one section of gondola shelving, experience the difference it makes, and then choose to upgrade your entire store. Also, gondola shelving is consistent with its design. Whether you are extending your store space or simply wish to add on another aisle, new gondola shelving will always synchronize perfectly with its already existing counterparts.

2. Fits Specific Needs

Gondola shelving features a large variety of shapes and sizes will fit every space and lot. Some stores are larger and need wider shelves, while smaller stores may benefit from sleeker shelves. Gondola shelves are customized to fit your specific needs and wants, so your store looks neat and organized with a large variety of goods to choose from. We specialize in organizing the space of larger warehouses so that the goods are systematically arranged and the aisles simple to navigate. We also offer installation service by our professional staff that will eliminate any unnecessary hassle and complications.

Gondola Accessories and shelf management

Organizational Accessories: Wire fencing and dividers ensure that your products remain organized and items don’t topple off the shelves even when tampered with by customers. We offer 3” and 6” tall front fencing that is useful for groceries and dollar stores. Additionally, we have 3” and 6” fence dividers that divide your shelf, giving your store display a more orderly appearance.

Auto feed shelf pushers: Whether you are selling jars or cans, bottles or sprays- this system is super-efficient and neat. We offer these pushers in a variety of sizes. The dual lane tray is ideal for soda cans, spray bottles, and craft supplies, and paints. The mini size tray is useful for items that are displayed in a single-file line like soda bottles, shampoo bottles, and larger cans. Our larger sized trays are the standard single lane tray and the larger single lane tray. They can be enjoyed for cereal boxes, frozen food boxes, detergent, and family-pack boxes.

Gondola Pricing Tags: We offer a large variety of price tags that are compatible with the style of gondola shelving. One of our most popular pricing systems is the ‘snip-in channel price tags’. These pieces can be inserted into the bottom bar of each shelf and lists the price of the goods positioned above. We also sell sign holders and label holders in a variety of colors and sizes.

Gondola Signage: It may be very frustrating for a customer when they are looking for goods and don’t know whether the store carries it or not because of a lack of signs. Using gondola signage curbs this displeasure and provides customers with a better shopping experience. In fact, well placed signs are like stationary associates who guide shoppers as they browse the store.

M.Fried features a large variety of useful accessories. The aforementioned items are just some of the front-running goods we have. Download our catalog to view hundreds of products associated with the gondola shelving system.

Why M.Fried

M.Fried’s founding policy is to provide high-quality goods and award-worth service to our customers. Our staff of knowledgeable employees will guide you through the nuances of gondola shelving and provide you with a detailed plan to suit your space and budget. Our fast and reliable service makes purchasing from M.Fried a worthwhile experience.

  • In stock black & antique white shelving (antique white is similar to shara and platinum colors).
  • Functional, versatile and easy to assemble.
  • Large verity of shelf dividers, front fences and signs available
  • Available with slatwall, pegboard or solid boards, in various colors. 
  • We stock  metal gondolas in island units, wall units and end caps. 
  • Our shelving is Madix however, the upper shelves will work with Lozeir brand as well. 

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