Enhancing Retail Efficiency with M Fried Store Fixtures’ Shopping Carts

In the fast-paced world of retail, efficiency and customer satisfaction are paramount. One crucial element that contributes to a seamless shopping experience is the use of high-quality store fixtures. M Fried Store Fixtures is a leading provider of top-notch shopping carts for retail stores. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous benefits of using M Fried Store Fixtures’ … Read More

exclusive slatwall panels

Elevate your retail space with M Fried Store Fixtures’ exclusive designer slatwall panels!  Unleash your creativity and make a statement with our stunning collection of slatwall panels. With exclusive colors available only at M Fried Store Fixtures, you can create a retail environment that truly reflects your brand’s unique style. Our designer slat-wall panels offer a captivating blend of aesthetics … Read More

M. Fried sales reps contact info

M. Fried Store Fixtures inc. “The shelving experts” Wholesalers of gondola shelving, slatwall and showcase Contact your sales preservative directly:   Joel Aron ja@mfried.com 718-766-0653   Moses Tyrnauer mt@mfried.com 718-766-0733   Tibor Meyerowitz tm@mfried.com 718-766-0649   Jay Freidman jf@mfried.com 718-766-0724   Mayer Lebovitz jl@mfried.com 718-766-0727   Lazar Brauner lb@mfried.com 718-766-0726   Heshy Lovi hl@mfried.com 718-766-0725    

Wholesale Supplier for smoke and vapor shops

As more US states legalize the use of medical and recreational use of cannabis. M. Fried has become the #1  wholesale distributor of  quality full vision display cases, wall trophy showcases as well as slatwall H-units used in the middle of the shops. We have all in stock with no need to pre-order.

Slatwall panels – In stock ready to ship

Wholesale slatwall panels As a premier wholesale provider, M Fried Store Fixtures presents our exceptional range of Slatwall Panels: The ultimate solution for optimizing your retail space. With an extensive selection of finishes, and accessories, our slatwall panels are meticulously crafted to cater to the distinctive requirements of the retail community. Top quality – 3/4″ MDF board  – 4’H  x  … Read More

Slatwall H Merchandiser With Metal Extrusions – IN STOCK

We are pleased to announce: We now stock the popular 48″ slatwall H-units with metal inserts. White and Maple color.  They are commonly used in smoke, cannabis shops, convenience stores etc.. The addition of the metal inserts makes them more durable so that they don’t snap the slatwall when applying weight. The inside of the unit is designed to hold … Read More

Madix Shelving Parts

We stock Madix gondola shelving parts in Black and Antique White. On hand parts  include, top spreaders, bottom spreaders, Splicers Spreaders, Center Spreaders, uprights, locking bases shoes, bases shelves, upper shelves, Peg boards, solid boards, Slatwall backing for gondola, Upright extensions, wood shelf brackets and shelf stoppers.