For this project our customer wanted an upgrade from our standard aluminum framed showcases.  These custom built showcases  have a special HPL (hi pressure laminate) finish, LED lighting and glass to glass bonding with no aluminum frames.  They also have room for storage in the bottom cabinet and can be special ordered in many different colors.




More and more liquor stores are moving over to using gondola shelving, as has been the trend for supermarket and Grocery stores for many years.

Some of the benefits of using gondolas vs wood shelves include;

  •  weight capacity of the gondola shelving, some sizes can hold up to 500lbs per shelf
  •  flexibility, each shelve has 3 adjustable positions.
  • it has its own price tag slot.
  • each shelve can accepts various types of fencing and dividers.
  • We also carry many signage options to fit on the gondola sections.

curved gondola shelving

Liquor store  gondola shelving


Wire shelving has moved over from being used exclusively in a grocery store or kitchen, to main stream retail. It’s all about proper merchandising and visual appeal.

We carry them in black or chrome and in many sizes in length, depth and height. Most shelves have a weight capacity of about 500lbs per shelf and take only minutes to set up.


Heavy Duty Wire Shelving



Our new catalog is out. We are excited about our updated and increased product selection.  Some of the new products featured, include our special Structura System and Pallet Racking. If you did not receive the new catalog yet; please request one using this link


Brand new Pallet Racking solutions.

Brand new Pallet Racking solutions.

Brand new Structura System.

Brand new Structura System.

With the rise of big box competitors, a more educated consumer & retail moving online. The need to have a store that stands out is even more important.

Gondola shelving end light box.

Gondola shelving end light box.

custom woodworking.

custom woodworking.

Customized glass on glass Jewelry display.

custom glass to glass Jewelry showcase.

In the attached pictures you’ll see examples of projects we did using unique tag mold colors on our standardized shelving. Specialized tag molding is becoming popular in the retail pharmacy and supermarket industry. Tag molding can be used to add life to the color for any retail store’s gondola shelving plan.

Please note these pictures were taken as the stores were in various stages of development. If you’d like to find out more details about this unique feature, please contact our experts today.


purple tag mold

Toy store white gondola shelving with purple tag molding.

neon blue mold tag

Retail pharmacy gondola shelving with neon blue tag molding.




Green tag mold

Retail store black gondola shelving with green tag molding.

Your dream of opening the neighborhood’s nicest and trendiest liquor store has finally become a reality. However, becoming a proprietor isn’t only about ordering cases of Jack Daniels and Grey Goose, and those cute-looking shot glasses. When building any retail store, and especially one that sells expensive fragile items, you need to incorporate safe and sturdy design into your entire process.


You want to work with a store design team and gondola-shelving supplier that has lots of experience in your industry; you don’t want any unpleasant surprises, especially when your items for sale are high end liquor.  You may also have a particular color pattern that you want to use, or specific rounding needs. Another matter to keep in mind is smart storage options. With retail design moving towards a “less is more” store set up, you want to take advantage of innovative shelving and fixtures design.


In the photos above you can see the special job we did for one of our many satisfied customers. The shelving units we installed for them included a special focus on easy-to-change price tags, flexible dividers, and specialized overhead storage.


If you have retail dreams or feel like your current store can use a tune-up, contact our experts today.




We now have the ability to powder coat any metal store fixture product with hundred of custom colors. We do this locally with no minimum order! Here are some standard 2-way  clothing racks as a sample of our capabilities.


2-way racks

2-way racks

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Here are some images of a pharmacy that our design team was involved in the design and layout of the gondola shelving, counters and fixtures. We also provided the LED signage and LED under shelf lighting for the gondola shelves. In fact pharmacy build outs and fixture installation is our specialty, we always keep on hand ready to ship, pharmacy RX under counter cabinets as well as the pharmacy RX shelving

Here are some images of a hi-end jewelry store in Silver Spring, MD that we designed with display cases using elegant “black extrusions” instead of the traditional clear anodized (chrome color) we also incorporated a two tone in-lay on the bases.

This project was design by our in-house design team and built in our factory. Leaving no room for error!