Wholesale Supplier for smoke and vapor shops

As more US states legalize the use of medical and recreational use of cannabis. M. Fried has become the #1  wholesale distributor of  quality full vision display cases, wall trophy showcases as well as slatwall H-units used in the middle of the shops. We have all in stock with no need to pre-order.

Slatwall panels – In stock ready to ship

Wholesale slatwall panels Top quality – 3/4″ MDF board  – 4’H  x  8’L  Most boards are available with and without metal inserts, in 3″ or 6″ spacing. Black and Gold inserts are in stock as well.           Royal series designer slatwall                Click here> to see more info

Slatwall H Merchandiser With Metal Extrusions – IN STOCK

We are pleased to announce: We now stock the popular 48″ slatwall H-units with metal inserts. White and Maple color.  They are commonly used in smoke, cannabis shops, convenience stores etc.. The addition of the metal inserts makes them more durable so that they don’t snap the slatwall when applying weight. The inside of the unit is designed to hold … Read More

Madix Shelving Parts

We stock Madix gondola shelving parts in Black and Antique White. On hand parts  include, top spreaders, bottom spreaders, Splicers Spreaders, Center Spreaders, uprights, locking bases shoes, bases shelves, upper shelves, Peg boards, solid boards, Slatwall backing for gondola, Upright extensions, wood shelf brackets and shelf stoppers.  

Madix gondola shelving – in stock dealer

Madix gondola shelving with with slatwall backing and metal inserts. These shelving units are generally in stock and the slatwall come in multiple colors, black, white, gray and wood tone colors. The shelves and bases are available from 10″ to 30″ deep every two inches in even numbers. The height of our uprights are available from 36″ to 120″ in … Read More

In stock madix gondola shelving

Project: Craft store Location : Upstate, NY We supplied and instated black metal gondola with white slatwall that have metal inserts for extra durability. At this time Lozier and Madix store fixtures who are the largest shelving manufactures in the US are running very long lead times as long as 12 months, this is due to labor  and steel shortages … Read More

Gondola shelves for sale

Since the start of the pandemic the shelving and stores fixtures industry was hit with material shortages and labor shortages as well. As a result M. Fried Store Fixtures has ramped up production and inventory levels, so that we have sufficient stock to service our customers. We continue to keep a full  inventory on hand of black and white gondola … Read More

opening or remodeling a liquors store?

The first order of business for any successful venture starts with a great business plan, licencing,  and a good accountant etc. Once that is done and you have the keys to your new store location its time think of the proper layout, design and flow of the shelving to merchandise  your liquor,  so that your customers have a positive retail … Read More

Full Vision showcases- in Stock Ready to Ship

We are fully stocked with full vision showcases, also commonly refereed to as 3/4-view showcases. These glass showcase come with 2 glass shelves to merchandise plus the deck can be used to merchandise as well. Our cases are 38″ high a 20″ deep and are available in 48″, 70″ length and 34″ corner. The display area is 26″ in height. … Read More