Jewelry Showcases With Black Extrusions

Here are some images of a hi-end jewelry store in Silver Spring, MD that we designed with display cases using elegant “black extrusions” instead of the traditional clear anodized (chrome color) we also incorporated a two tone in-lay on the bases. This project was design by our in-house design team and built in our factory. Leaving no room for error!

Retail space planning

Here at M. Fried we not only sell gondola shelving and fixtures, we help our customers maximize their valuable retail space. In this pharmacy our in-house designer calculated the placement of gondola shelving around a column that would otherwise be dead space.

Black Gondola Shelving – Now In Stock

We are excited to announce….. that we now STOCK a full line of BLACK Gondola Shelving, this in addition to our White Gondola Shelving line. Black Gondola Shelving has become the popular choice for Supermarket, Grocery, pharmacy, liquor stores and pet shops, just to name a few. Here are a few reasons to buy Gondolas from M. Fried: 1) We … Read More

How Retail Stores are Changing

The retail industry has undergone an extraordinary number of transformations over the course of the past couple decades. Some changes have been tough, like adapting to the advent of E-commerce alongside the rise of retail giants like Walmart. However, other changes have benefited boutique shops. For example, many consumers are now looking to “go local” with their shopping and support … Read More

Study shows the right sounds and smells will make shoppers spend

Retailers can start factoring in shoppers’ senses when figuring out how to increase dwell time. A new study by Washington State University researchers has found that combining tunes with simple, store-appropriate smells could help retailers. Looking over related scientific research — and making sure their sounds, music and displays match their customer base — could help stores improve the shopping … Read More

Low-Cost Ideas for Your Small Business

Sometimes making the most of a small retail store requires some strategic thinking and design. Not only are you competing with bigger retail stores, but with fewer resources at your disposal! It is about time you brought some creative ideas to your store design to stay ahead of the curve. Here are a few affordable ideas to not only maximize … Read More

Jewelry Showcases that Bring More to Your Store

Apparently popping the question in Tiffany’s & Co.’s Las Vegas area stores has become all the rage. Needless to say, hosting engagements is great for business. Couples will forever recount the story of where the proposal took place, giving your shop wonderful publicity, and other beaus may be inspired to put a ring on it in a similar fashion. Moreover, … Read More

Your Advantage Against the Retail Giants

Has a customer ever looked at an item in your store and declared that they could find the same product at a larger retailer for far less money? The truth is, smaller shops can not generally compete with the big box stores on price. They buy from the same suppliers in greater bulk quantities so they get greater discounts. But … Read More

Increasing Efficiency Behind Your Pharmacy Counter

If you have a small pharmacy, it is easy for things to get cluttered- especially behind the counter where organization is a priority for maximum efficiency. Of course in an ideal world, you would just expand the space back there, but you may not have the resources to expand your pharmacy area beyond its cramped quarters. In that case, an … Read More

Attracting and Keeping Customers at Your Pharmacy

One of the best parts about frequenting a smaller pharmacy is the one-on-one care that you receive there. The reasoning is smaller pharmacies, which have a smaller consistent staff, are able to really get to know the people who regularly visit their store. They care about their community and are committed to serving their neighbors instead of simply making money. … Read More