opening or remodeling a liquors store?

The first order of business for any successful venture starts with a great business plan, licencing,  and a good accountant etc. Once that is done and you have the keys to your new store location its time think of the proper layout, design and flow of the shelving to merchandise  your liquor,  so that your customers have a positive retail shopping experience each and every time and you keep them coming back to your  store.

Its important to choose the proper shelving system that has the capacity to hold your heavy bottles and are flexible enough to be moved up or down should you have a need to move and rearrange your bottles seasonally or have bottles moved  to other  sections.   Having the ability to change the price of the products by easily inserting them into the shelf tag molding. Its also important to have the ability to divide the bottles and keep them neatly merchandised.

Some stores choose to keep the higher-end and more expensive bottles behind the counter or use a glass display case to secure them.

In our experience the most versatile shelving used for liquor stores would be gondola shelving, for the following reasons;

  • The shelving units are available in every 6″ increment in height, should you want to see over the units, you can use 48″, 54″ or 60″ in height.
  • Upper shelves and bases are available every 2″ increments, common sizes used in a liquor stores are 18″, 22″ and 24″ in depth.
  • All shelves come with front inserts to place small price tags
  • Color options are unlimited
  • Special hyper-maxi racking can be added to the top of the shelving units to safely store heavier products on top of the gondolas
  • The system is designed to accept many standard accessories as well as led light.

Our in-house experts can guide you through every step of the process in getting you the correct shelving as well as making sure its properly installed at your retail location. Also note that we carry as a regular item the shelving in black and in white and all above mentioned sizes.