5 Things about Impulse Buying You Ought to Know as a Retail Store Owner

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Is your retail store optimized for impulse buying?  With some adjustments to the layout and design of your store, you could be making more money from people who will add-on to their purchases at the last minute. Here at M. Fried, we’re not only the #1 gondola supplier in the country, we also help retail store owners like you with … Read More

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Retail Store

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Spring cleaning season is here!  Though this time of year is generally slow commercially for many brick and mortar retail stores, it makes it the perfect time to focus on store improvements With just a little planning and effort you can clean-up your store so that it encourages customers to stay longer, browse, and buy.  Here are 10 Spring Cleaning … Read More

How to Plan for Start-Up Costs When You Want to Open a New Local Retail Store

If you’re dreaming and/or planning to open up a new local retail store in your area, there are many business decisions to consider. As you’re perfecting your business plan, you need to know what your start-up expenses will be so that you can be prepared for a successful grand opening. Here at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we love working with … Read More

3 Ideas for Retail Shelving to Improve Your Product Visibility

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When you own a retail store, you continually need to experiment with best practices for attracting your ideal customers’ attention, getting them into your store, keeping them interested in your products, and coming back again as loyal customers. One significant factor to pay attention to is shelving. Retail shelving – the way you layout, display, and draw attention to your … Read More

How to Increase Foot Traffic in Brick and Mortar Retail Stores in 2019

As online sales continue to grow in popularity, many retail store owners are wondering how to keep increasing foot traffic to their brick and mortar stores in 2019. The good news is, you can use combinations of both online and traditional methods to get more people coming into your store. Here are 6 ways that have proven to be effective … Read More

Top 3 Trends in Gondola Shelving Accessories for Your Retail Store in 2019

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As 2019 kicks into gear, many retail store owners are seeking new ways to increase the visibility of their products and boost sales. One difference that can make a big impact is to upgrade your display shelving, including your gondola shelving accessories. Here at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we know how important shelving can be for retail success.  We’re the … Read More