Black Gondola Shelving – Now In Stock

We are excited to announce….. that we now STOCK a full line of BLACK Gondola Shelving, this in addition to our White Gondola Shelving line.

Black Gondola Shelving has become the popular choice for Supermarket, Grocery, pharmacy, liquor stores and pet shops, just to name a few.

Here are a few reasons to buy Gondolas from M. Fried:

1) We have a huge inventory of Gondola Shelving on hand, no need to pre-order 3 – 4 weeks in advance.

2) We are a wholesale outlet, get special volume pricing.

3) We have negotiated the best shipping rates in the industry and don’t mark up the shipping cost like some of our competitors do. Some volume orders qualify for free delivery.

4) Our salespeople have extensive knowledge in store planning and will ensure you get the correct size shelves and accessories that work for your specific store.


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