Dump Bins Work Everywhere

M. Fried Store Fixtures offers a full line of dump bins and tables that can be used in just bout any store and can even help in classrooms and homes. Dump bins offer creative space for larger, off-sized pieces, such as balls, bedware, and toys and can be used for any number of large consumer products. Think: Pillows, table cloths, … Read More

Displays Drive Your Brand Home

Retail displays are those store fixtures that better enable you to show off your products, specifically bringing attention to specific products. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have everything you need to outfit your store with the three most critical types of retail displays: Floor standing displays, displays meant for counter tops, and signage. Floor standing displays can be can … Read More

Dump Those Impulse Items in Our Bins

Yesterday, we discussed the benefits of tabletop and countertop displays as a way in which to provoke impulse purchases. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we also offer a variety of Dump Bins that can be strategically placed in your store, especially at entrances to greet customers when they first come into your shop. Take a look at our Grid Dump … Read More

Satisfy the Impulse Craving

At M. Fried Store Fixtures we have just what you need to spruce up your counter top displays. Used in spaces that are more limited, these displays work great for prompting impulse purchases, especially when strategically placed by cash registers, check out areas, and entrances. Counter top displays are also a good way to reduce excess stock, promote sale items, … Read More

Say it with Bags

Yesterday, we talked about shopping carts. If you have baskets, don’t forget Basket Stands. At M. Fried Store Fixtures we offer chrome shopping basket holders in both the Jumbo Shopping Basket Stand (JSBSTAND) option and the Regular Shopping Basket Stand Option (RSBSTAND). You can also help guide your customers to your baskets with a Sign for Shopping Basket Stands (SBSIGN). … Read More