Showcases and Gondolas Work Well Together

Displayers and showcases provide an attractive way in which to provide your customers with a 360-degree view to many products that you might not normally display on your store’s floor. Take a look at some of the displayers and showcases offered by M. Fried Store Fixtures. For instance, do you have some higher priced, delicate, or rare products that, while … Read More

First Impressions Count

First impressions count and, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we can help your store make a great first impression with our gondola shelving, which can be used for both display and storage, and our beautiful displayers or showcases. Create an attractive store environment with displays, gondola shelving, and accessories from M. Fried Store Fixtures; we can help you create a … Read More

What’s Your Gondola Shelving?

Although we have thousands of other retail store fixture items in stock, such as slatwall, hangers, mannequins, and glass jewelry displayers and showcases, to name just some, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we also have Gondola shelving, the most versatile and attractive form of shelving. What’s more, we always have gondola shelving in stock and promise fast shipping and outstanding … Read More

When Driving Customer Traffic, Presentation is Everything

Create a pleasing and attractive store environment with displays, gondola shelving, and accessories from M. Fried Store Fixtures. By creating an inviting storefront and display floor, you can help to drive customer traffic and keep customers returning. You can do this with pleasing displays and a collaborative store theme and branding message. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have everything … Read More

Attractive Displays Connect to Sales

How you display your products is critical to how well your products sell. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have many retail display solutions to help you create a successful store environment that helps to drive both repeat customer traffic and sales. Keep your customers coming back by creating high-impact, meaningful displays throughout your store. When you create eye-catching product … Read More

Dump Bins Work Everywhere

M. Fried Store Fixtures offers a full line of dump bins and tables that can be used in just bout any store and can even help in classrooms and homes. Dump bins offer creative space for larger, off-sized pieces, such as balls, bedware, and toys and can be used for any number of large consumer products. Think: Pillows, table cloths, … Read More

Showcase Your Stuff

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a large array of showcases from which you can choose to display not only jewelry, but other fine, smaller, or specialty items. Our Streamline Series is our most popular with a huge array of options that include corner counters and cases, wrap counters and pedestal cases, even register stands. We also offer trophy … Read More

Visit Us in New York!!

Have you been to the M. Fried Store Fixtures show room? If not, we now have enhanced information on our showroom location as well as store hours and a map. If you haven’t come by to see us, be sure to do so and look at and feel our constantly expanding line of products for yourself. While here, our knowledgeable … Read More

Tiered Tables Make Great Displayers

Display Tables are a wonderful way in which to set a display apart from other items on your display floor or window. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer several options from which to choose. Our Rectangular 3-Tier Display Tables come in both cherry (SKU PW3TRTPC) and maple (SKU PW3TRTRM) and provide three levels to display your products. Intended for … Read More

Branding is Everything

Branding is everything in retail and, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we can help you to get your brand noticed. Take a look at your inventory and choose a better known brand at your attention getter. Now, place this product or line in a retail display that really shows off your items. Consider a showcase, a cube display, a tower, … Read More