Study shows the right sounds and smells will make shoppers spend

Retailers can start factoring in shoppers’ senses when figuring out how to increase dwell time. A new study by Washington State University researchers has found that combining tunes with simple, store-appropriate smells could help retailers. Looking over related scientific research — and making sure their sounds, music and displays match their customer base — could help stores improve the shopping … Read More

Attracting and Keeping Customers at Your Pharmacy

One of the best parts about frequenting a smaller pharmacy is the one-on-one care that you receive there. The reasoning is smaller pharmacies, which have a smaller consistent staff, are able to really get to know the people who regularly visit their store. They care about their community and are committed to serving their neighbors instead of simply making money. … Read More

JCPennet Fresh Air Presents A New Strategy

Susan Reda, over at NRF wrote an article about JCPenneys Fresh Air Presentation. She writes as follows: I don’t know Ron Johnson, JCPenney’s new CEO; I’ve never even met the man in passing. Like most of you I know a bit about his background with Apple – and before that, with Target — and I was as shocked as the … Read More

Best Buy Closing 50 Big-Box Stores, Will Open 100 Smaller Ones

Electronics giant Best Buy said today it will close 50 of its big box electronics retail stores and shift to a business model emphasizing smaller stores selling cell phones, tablets and e-readers. The company didn’t issue a list of stores intended for closure. Electronics giant Best Buy said Thursday it will close 50 of its big box electronics retail stores and shift to a … Read More

7 Retail Trends That Can Boost Your Business

After positive January Retail Sales Provide Strong Start to New Year, and now the Commerce Department reported a 0.4 % rise in sales for the same period. We see the need to keep the momentum going, so here are 7 retail trends that can boost your business from E-commerce will grow exponentially, both in the way products are offered … Read More

For Retailers, 2012 All About Customer Interaction and Experience

According to a report by NRF/KPMG retailers are looking to build better relationships with their customers in 2012. In an effort to build customer engagement, capture wallet share and accelerate sales growth, retailers in 2012 will focus on a number of customer-centric functions, including IT and ecommerce investments, enhancing customer service initiatives and, building on their mobile platforms. A new … Read More

Moving Marketing Messages In Store

Marketing may seem like it all happens outside the store, in media or cyberspace -but great retailers make sure their exterior messages are unified with their in-store experience. It’s a disappointing slide for customers who have been promised “the widest selection” and then see a limited range of products or to quickly realize the “best prices of the season” are … Read More