Slatwall – In stock Wholesale Supplier of slat panels for retail stores

    Discover the best pricing for in stock  Slatwall Panels and Slat Boards, standard and reinforced  with aluminum metal inserts.   Perfect to be used in your retail store on the walls or as a backer for gondola shelving. We keep ample stock ready to ship out of our New York headquarters. Buy factory direct and Save! Our slat wall is … Read More

Talk to us About Gondolas

If your store could use with some shelving—and what store can’t—consider M. Fried Store Fixtures’ enormous line of gondola shelving in countless color, size, material, and accessory choices. Figuring out what works for your store is as simple as clicking a button. We are always working to find ways to improve your shopping experience with M. Fried Store Fixtures, especially … Read More

Visit Us in New York!!

Have you been to the M. Fried Store Fixtures show room? If not, we now have enhanced information on our showroom location as well as store hours and a map. If you haven’t come by to see us, be sure to do so and look at and feel our constantly expanding line of products for yourself. While here, our knowledgeable … Read More

Branding is Key

When choosing retail displays, remember M. Fried Store Fixtures, where we have everything you need to design your store whether renovating an existing store or chain of stores, or breaking out for the very first time. Regardless of what you choose, we have countless ways in which you can design your store and we are always available to help you … Read More

M. Fried Can Focus Your Displays

When considering retail display solutions for your store, or stores, remember to consider your store’s theme. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have everything you need to get your store’s message across, whether you are a first-time store owner and opening up shop for the very first time or you are adding to a line of stores or renovating an … Read More

Separate from the Pack

When you are hoping your customers will accept higher price points, when you are seeking to move merchandise, or when you are simply looking to speak to your customers, consider enhancing your marketing and advertising efforts with signs from M. Fried Store Fixtures. Utilize signs with displayers to draw attention to specific store areas and products. For instance, use our … Read More

Facelifts Don’t Have to Hurt

It’s not too late to rearrange your store displays for the holiday shopping season. With a few changes here and there, you can give your store a facelift that will bring attention to your products and boost your bottom line. And, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have just about everything you need to make your store the best it … Read More

Let Us Help You Create Your Store Your Way

Running a store, especially during these challenging economic times, can be difficult. Let M. Fried Store Fixtures help you create a compelling store with ambiance that provokes purchases. There’s much to consider and we are experts on how to make your store shine among your competition. We have a broad inventory of shelving and are specialists in gondola shelving and … Read More

Sneak A Peek In Other Stores

Don’t know where to start on your store’s renovation or set-up? At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a variety of ways in which to help you create the store of your dreams while helping you maintain your budget and time parameters. Why not taking a look at some of our store set-ups to get some ideas that might work … Read More

Grab Your Customers Attention With Your Displays

Your point of purchase customer is critical to sales and your bottom line. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have the products to help engage your customers at the very important point of purchase—your store. For instance, the Point of Purchase Association International (POPAI), which describes itself as “the global association for marketing at retail,” is an entity considered an … Read More