Gondola Shelving

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Double Sided Units run along the aisle.
Wall Units run along the wall.
End Cap Units are placed at the front and/or back ends of Double Sided Units.

Our most popular colors are Antique White and Satin Black, which are always IN STOCK!

A gondola section can run from 2 feet long to an unlimited length.

Think in terms of joining many 3 or 4 foot lengths together. For example, three 4-foot gondola units will give you a 12-foot run. You just need to select the total length of the run, and we will do the calculations for you.

Helpful Tip:
Creating very long runs will make your customers walk down a very long aisle before they can move to another aisle. Consider creating a few shorter runs along the aisle instead.

The height of a gondola unit can range from as low as 36″ to as high as 120″, with units available in every 6″ increment.

Helpful Tips:
If you would like to maintain visibility over the double sided units, you should not exceed a height of 60″. For Wall Units, popular heights are 84″ and 96″. End Caps are most commonly the same height as the double sided units.

Gondola shelves are available from 8″ to 30″ deep, in 2″ increments.

Helpful Tip:
Generally upper shelves are 1 size (2″ smaller) than the base shelf.

A total count of how many identical runs you want in your store.

Helpful Tip:
Think of identical aisles or runs in the middle of a supermarket.