Floor Plan Service

Our floor plan service is designed to assist you in creating the perfect retail environment. Our expert floor plan professionals will work with you, and your budget, to create an appealing and efficient floor plan for your store. With a proper blueprint in hand, your business can begin maximizing sales and converting shoppers into buyers.
We have experience in a wide range of industries, including department stores, boutique clothing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, supermarkets and virtually every other type of retailer.

How It Works

A customer comes to M. Fried and expresses interest in creating the perfect retail space.

After a nominal retainer fee, M. Fried sits with client discuss their budget and vision.

An experienced M. Fried sales rep conducts measurements of the retail space.

Measurements are then brought to the office where they are drawn up on AutoCAD to create an efficient and strategic floor plan.

Upon completion of the floor plan, the M. Fried sales rep meets with the customer to review every aspect of the plan.

Once the plan has been approved, M. Fried proceeds with assisting clients in their selection of our wide range of products for their retail store.

To contact a floor plan professional, call 877.505.2999

Installation Services

We provide all installation work from start to finish, leaving the hassles and complications behind. Our experienced craftsmen will install and assemble your agreed-upon fixtures in time for your grand opening, and leave your store clean and ready for merchandising. With our timely installation service, you can rest easy knowing your store will be primed for its big day. We specialize in multi store roll-outs, from storage, distribution to installation.