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Retail Showcases & Counters

Our display showcases add tremendous value to a retail store, they allow retailers to increase the appeal of their products as well as safeguards their hard-earned money from potential thieves. As a supplier of retail showcases and wood displays that boasts its very own showroom, M. Fried takes pride in offering the highest quality glass display cases at competitive pricing. Our team can help you with the design & layout of your showcases, all will need is the dimensions of your space emailed to us.

  • In stock Extra Vision showcases, with LED light, lock & mirror doors. Starting at $450.00
  • Showcases can be customized in height and length as well as laminate and extrusion colors.
  • Our sales team know the cases well and will ¬†help you determine what showcases would work best for your ¬†space. Product line includes: Trophy cases, wall cases, Full Vision cases, Half Vision cases, Jewelry Showcases as well as corners for each series.

Eyewear & Shoe Wear

  • Optimal display for eyewear
  • Sleek design for floating appearance
  • Easily mounts to wall
  • Open or lockable frame bridges available

Display Tables

  • Ample space for merchandise
  • Elegant display
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Questions about our products? Contact us!