Low-Cost Ideas for Your Small Business

Sometimes making the most of a small retail store requires some strategic thinking and design. Not only are you competing with bigger retail stores, but with fewer resources at your disposal! It is about time you brought some creative ideas to your store design to stay ahead of the curve. Here are a few affordable ideas to not only maximize … Read More

A Plethora of Store Fixtures to Fit All Needs

Most people hear “store fixtures” and think industrial, utilitarian file cabinets internet companies use for stock. At M. Fried, we not only carry practical, no-frills pharmacy shelving, slatwall panels and jewelry showcases, we also stock attractive displays for your Main St. storefront. Take our stock of wood displays and baskets. Attractive, natural wood formed into trees and racks make a … Read More

Paintable Slatwall Panels

Slatwall shelving is a common and attractive way to display merchandise. It is composed of a series of siding panels that install over your existing wall space. The natural or wood look panels then interface with different hangars and racks for a customizable solution for displaying stored goods. While slatwall may be convenient and well supported by the industry, it … Read More