It is Best to Install the Right Pharmacy Shelving

As a pharmacist, you understand the need for the right and best pharmacy shelving you can find.  First off, you need a way to properly collect and organize the hundreds of medicines that your pharmacy stores for customers.  The right shelf is spacious and will allow you to reach for whatever medicines you need quickly.  There also needs to have … Read More

Cleaning Your Jewelry Showcases

As a professional jeweler and merchant, you want both your store and your merchandise to look exceptional when customers walk into the store.  Customers want to walk in knowing that the people they are dealing with know a thing or two about the jewelry they are selling.  People just browsing will not like seeing food or water stains on the … Read More

Incorporating Store Fixtures into Store Design

Interior design for stores is important. The aesthetic, as well as the ease of moving around, is all going to matter to a customer. No one is going to want to enter a store that looks run down, or that has store fixtures so close together they feel cramped and unable to find what they are looking for without bumping … Read More

Revolver ‘s Penny Floor Mosaic

By Jennifer Diana Love loose change or hate it, pennies are very much a part of our currency.  One store in Indiana wanted to do something different. First, they wanted to give local shoppers a destination to find the most stylish and fashionable shoes available. Second, they wanted to make their store was memorable.           So … Read More

7 Layout Secrets of the Big Retail Chains

  Ever walked into a big chain store and walked out with way more than you had planned to purchase? Big retailers certainly seem to know how to design their stores and create tempting displays to keep us shopping. What’s their secret? Here are seven layout tips from experts who have worked with many major retailers. 1. Make windows shine. … Read More

Retail LED Signs – M. Fried Showroom

We now have sharp pricing on Retail LED Sign boards, come by our showroom or call us @ 877-505-2999  and mention “Blog Discount” to get 10% off our or already low pricing on our led sign boards.  This promotion is good through the month of July 2012

Yellow Reach Grabber

Some things in retail stores are still done by hand, if its ever out of reach, use our REACHING GRABBER, they are commonly used in Grocery stores, Supermarkets and Pharmacies, as well as convenience stores. This is especially useful when having Gondola shelving that is above 84″ high.

JCPennet Fresh Air Presents A New Strategy

Susan Reda, over at NRF wrote an article about JCPenneys Fresh Air Presentation. She writes as follows: I don’t know Ron Johnson, JCPenney’s new CEO; I’ve never even met the man in passing. Like most of you I know a bit about his background with Apple – and before that, with Target — and I was as shocked as the … Read More

Survey: 32% Of Retails Research Job Candidates On Social Sites released surveys results yesterday which found that 32% of retails use social media sites to research potential job candidates. The new survey from – CareerBuilder’s job site for retail professionals, found that of the retail employers who do not research candidates on social media, 16% said their company prohibits the practice. Nine percent report they do not currently … Read More

Best Buy Closing 50 Big-Box Stores, Will Open 100 Smaller Ones

Electronics giant Best Buy said today it will close 50 of its big box electronics retail stores and shift to a business model emphasizing smaller stores selling cell phones, tablets and e-readers. The company didn’t issue a list of stores intended for closure. Electronics giant Best Buy said Thursday it will close 50 of its big box electronics retail stores and shift to a … Read More