Maximizing space in a retail store is paramount when presenting your merchandise. Our wide range of wall options offers an attractive way to enhance your store’s aesthetics, while freeing up valuable retail space. Get creative and mix and match with our variety of wall options, including wall systems, slatwalls and gridwalls, each with an array of compatible accessories to choose from.

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Wall Systems

Wall systems are a unique way to merchandise your products without cluttering your store. With a variety of ways to add your own personal flavor, such as a pipeline or wall units, they are an efficient way to create an attractive display for a number of different products.

  • Sits on the floor to efficiently utilize floor space
  • Frees up wall space
  • Innovate with a wide range of merchandising concepts and attachments


Slatwall displays are an efficient, affordable way of maximizing space in your retail store when presenting your merchandise. Slatwall panels have horizontal grooves, or slats, spaced a few inches apart, into which you can mount hooks, faceouts, displayers and other hardware. Our panels come in a variety of colors and sizes to present your products in an aesthetic way that will save space and help maximize your visual potential!

  • Grooved design offers unlimited possibilities for presentation options
  • Wide range of accessories, including baskets, handrails and shelves
  • Easy to install
  • Highly versatile
  • Available with metal inserts for higher weight capacity
what we do best
what we do best


Grid walls offer an inexpensive and visually appealing display option that can be mounted on walls or standards, as well as attached to grid legs or bases for freestanding units. Whether preparing for a trade show or opening a retail space, grid walls provide the perfect display option for almost any type of product.

  • Lightweight and airy
  • Available in variety of widths and heights
  • Minimizes gathering of dust on grid fixtures
  • Many accessories available
  • Constructed of heavy gauge wire
  • Easy to assemble